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Meet our Parent Resource Coordinators

Meet our Parent Resource Coordinators

Knowing who to talk to and where to go to access services for a child with disabilities is extremely challenging for many families. Help Me Grow partners with UNMC Munroe-Meyer Institute to connect families to Parent Resource Coordinators (PRCs). PRCs are parents of children with disabilities and/or complex health needs who have specific training to provide parent-to-parent support and help you connect to resources you may need.


Josette Bright
Parent Resource Coordinator, Bluestem Health - Lincoln, Nebraska

Through my own personal experiences, I have learned how important accessing the right early intervention services and resources can be in a child’s life with special needs as well as their family. My son was diagnosed with a developmental delay as a toddler and later received a diagnosis of Asperger’s as a teenager. Our journey at times was stressful and challenging and sometimes still is now that he is an adult. I wish I had someone who could have helped my family during those difficult times. I also have experience working with children with special needs in a variety of settings and was a disability examiner for the State of Nebraska. Parents serve as their child’s first teacher and their best advocate. I am here to guide, support and empower parents through their journey.

Graciela Sharif
Parent Resource Coordinator

As a Peruvian immigrant, introduced to Middle Eastern culture through marriage, and mother of a child with developmental disabilities, I know about the obstacles that individuals with disabilities and their families face in many aspects of their lives. Inspired by my oldest son who was born with Down syndrome, my purpose is to create equal access to education, health care and community services for all individuals with disabilities and their families. As a Parent Resource Coordinator, I provide education, information and support to new and existing families, so they can be active participants in the development of their children's education and health care services.